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Guaranteed enjoyment at Bleibergs

  • Israeli Hummus

  • Israeli Falafel

  • Israeli Schawarma

  • Israeli Shakshuka

  • Israeli Pizza

  • Israeli Eggplant in Tahini

  • Israeli Bagel


Welcome to Bleibergs
Israeli restaurant in Berlin
Vegan and Vegetarian

In the center of West-Berlin not far from the prestigious shopping street of the city and behind the KaDeWe is the cozy and quiet Israeli restaurant Bleiberg's.
Here you are welcome to enjoy a relaxing Israeli breakfast or a cup of coffee, but also come in for Israeli lunch or for a German or Israeli beer and of course for a romantic Israeli  dinner created with the culinary arts of the chef of Bleiberg's.

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This is Bleibergs


 Since 2004, we have been offering our customers stylish Israeli Vegan and Vegetarian delicacies with our kitchen.

The Bleibergs restaurant combines traditional Israeli Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine with the Middle East through flavors, ingredients and techniques from around the world, and especially from the Mediterranean Israeli environment.

Similar to the menu, the drinks menu offers an excellent selection of Israeli and oriental classics.

A first-class wine selection from Israel and the Middle East as well as local spirits complement the drinks menu.

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