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Our Bleibergs kitchen has been more than 18 years designed exclusively for Israeli vegan and vegetarian food.

We take special care to ensure that not any animal meat or animal contain product  will enter in our kitchen other than fish and eggs.


Our customers know that we react attentively for every request and prepare the dishes they have ordered accordingly.

The freshness of the products is our top priority.

Every order that we receive is carried out by our chef on site and served fresh and tastefully with a lot of heart.

Our portions are particularly large because we believe that our customers should get the maximum, even if it sometimes seems too much.



We would be happy to pack the portion rest for you, as it is most important to us that you leave our restaurant satisfied and happy.

Our kitchen is cleaned out around the clock, we maintain a clean and hygienic working environment, our vegetables are carefully washed and examined and we use the freshest and best goods.

Do you have special requests for an order? Would you like to clarify something? You can write to us using the order form or contact us directly by phone at the following numbers:

+49 163 8973028

We have no doubt you will be satisfied with our dishes! 

The service

The taste

The selection

The amount

The freshness

and the smile.

We are waiting for your orders here.

See you at


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